My story

Hello! My name is Rachel and I'm here to be your partner in finding yourself. That's my real joy in life. I'm 35 and have spent all of this decade devoted to finding MY self. It started out as a treacherous, anxious and depressed  journey. I know what it feels like to be feel so much pain you don't think you can take any be so desperate your only way of surviving is to put on a mask and heavy armor and shut the world out. 

As I struggled to find a way out of my own personal hell, the universe started to send help in the form of therapists, books, life-events, yoga, meditation, nutrition...and Chinese Medicine. 

Receiving Acupuncture was the first time I ever felt heard. It was the first time a doctor looked at my whole body and not just my parts. Acupuncture was the start of a new me, and I knew it held a precious part of my future.

Today, my healing practice has morphed into all sorts of things I never thought I'd try. My eyes have been opened and I'm living a life of more awareness and gratitude than ever before.

Because of my own journey, I find unspeakable joy in guiding others through similar processes. If what I have written here is speaking to you, I invite you in to my clinic to take off your mask and put down your armor. Together we will bring forth the real you and uncover your beauty beneath the barriers. 

About Rachel

I live in St.Paul MN with my husband Chris and adorable Shih Tzu Stewie. I love reading Brene Brown books (click here for a list of my favorite books), sipping on tea, taking baths, hiking, yoga, Instagram stories, Halloween, crafting and being vulnerable.

I graduated with my masters in Chinese Medicine and herbs from Northwestern Health Sciences. I found Chinese Medicine in an effort to understand and tend to my own anxiety and depression. I now have a passion for helping others on their own health and wellness journey.