Adulting 101


A conversation with high schoolers about stress and how to deal with strong emotions. I'll discuss how I use acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (plus a few other tips & tricks) to keep stress balanced. 

This class is part of an 8-week series with Sue Smith of Register for 1 or all 8!

*Free acupuncture and cupping demo

Wed 10/16/19


White Bear North High School 

Email to register

Slow Flow, Sip and Shop


Picture this:
A crisp fall Thursday.
A new cozy wool sweater to sink your adorable cheeks in to.
Slow Flow Yoga with Om Brewers: Juicy and stretchy with cute little tea lights and some Daniel Caesar.
There will also be wine. Because wine.  

And... you melt away in a long Savasana. 

Thu 10/17/19


Cliche in Uptown

$25 | Visit Om Brewers to register

Pancake breakfast


Spend your morning with me and Dr.Shannon, founder of Soul Chiropractic, as we chat and stuff our faces with delicious pancakes. 

Casual conversation topics might include acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, coffee/tea, pho, jamming out in your car to your favorite playlist, dancing your heart out when no one/everyone is looking, existential life shit and simple stuff. We're a mixed bag!

Fri 10/18/19


Acupuncture with Rachel/Soul Chiropractic

Free | Walk-ins welcome!

Life after Chinese Medical School


Calling all current NWHSU students! I'll be attending my alma mater, Northwester Health Sciences, to talk about what life looks like when you leave the nest of graduate school.

Topics I'm currently entertaining are how to study for boards, how to come down from "graduate school mode", how to simply get started with a business, what a career as an acupuncturist can look like, and much more. Bring your questions!

Tue 10/29/19


Northwestern Health Sciences

Free | Walk-ins welcome!

Chili cook-off


Help me and Dr.Shannon celebrate our 1 year anniversary! 

We'll cook and sample delicious chili. Winner receives a fantastic, not-yet determined prize.

Sat Nov. 9th


Acupuncture with Rachel/Soul Chiropractic 

Email to register

Witches Flight Night


My mentorship with Portia Richardson of Tall Reeds Healing Arts continues. Join us for a magical night!

This is a night dedicated to creating intentional time and space to shape-shift and move through the veil to seek personal and collective guidance and healing.

We will connect as a witchy community through:

  • a gentle ritual involving a sacred listening/speaking practice and altar work
  • a group dialogue on the therapeutic value of communal trance and channeling practices as related to personal wellness and collective political/spiritual activism
  • induction of light trance and channeling states via:
    • sharing of various magical potions, flying ointments, herbal teas, and topical plant medicines (all optional – and legal)
    • esoteric acupuncture (also optional)
    • sound healing to stimulate theta brainwaves
    • energy healing and somatic guidance to support the relaxation response
  • extended time to dream, vision, and experiences somatic shifts
  • group processing time to integrate your downloads and make new friends

Wear comfortable clothes. You are welcome to bring sacred objects for the altar and any other items you may need to feel energetically and physically supported.

This offering is for all humans, regardless of race, gender, age, ability, and class. You also do not need to identify as a witch to come to this event. All curious beings welcome!

Fri 12/13.19 (on the full moon)


$55 — Space is limited to 10 people. Registration will open in November!

SCHOLARSHIP: Three spots are reserved for black, indigenous, people of color, and/or gender non conforming people. Please email Portia at to reserve your spot. 


Here you will find my favorite books, youtube videos, blogs, articles, etc. All of these resources have added so much value to my life and have acted as a therapist in many ways; a therapist I can visit as many times as I want to, whenever I want to. 

I hope you find yourself learning and growing from these just as I did and still do. I will continue to add to this list as I come across more, juicy stuff. Check back often!

If you have a great resource you would like to share, I'm always looking for suggestions! E-mail me your favorites at


The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle 

-Being present



-Understanding suffering

-Spiritual awakening

Calm my anxious heart by Linda Dillow



-Why we worry

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown 

-Being vulnerable

-Why being uncomfortable can help you grow

-Facing fear


-Foreboading joy 

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor


-Fear of physical and mental dark

-Wrestling with the dark night of the soul

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

-The creative process

-Unleashing your creativity


-Following your heart

-Doing what makes you happy and what brings you joy 


Brene Brown: TedTalk The Power of Vulnerability

Tony Robbins: Motion equals emotion

Sadhguru: Insight Into Depression


Not another anxiety show