Grounding in the Moment


Do you experience panic?

Join me in this 1 hour, pre-recorded course about panic attacks and how to break the intense cycle.

I've spent years experiencing panic. I always thought something was wrong with me. I couldn't figure out why this kept happening, what it meant, or how to tend to it. 

Through the years, I began to understand what was going on, started healing my wounds and I gained several tools to help my body regulate during high anxiety. And I'd like to share them with you.

Here's what you will receive from this class:

-A sweet, supportive, 1 hour conversation around panic, where all are welcome.

-I share my story of anxiety and panic.

-A short, guided meditation I use often in my practice, to help name sensations in our body and assist them in releasing.

-5 tips you can start using, today, to help your body ground during panic. 

-A recording you can return to as often as you'd like, for as long as I keep my Zoom account!

Class details

This class is on-track for release in Feb 2020. To be the first to know, e-mail me at Excited to share with you <3