Life on Earth is beautiful. AND it can be a lot.

Maybe you feel stuck. You're frustrated with life. You feel there's more but you're not sure where to dig to connect with your roots.

Maybe you get a knot in your stomach every morning you wake; Panic during every-day conversations with friends; Perhaps you're carrying with you a numbness you can't explain-a deep grief that courses through you, draining your energy and leaving you feeling hopeless.

Maybe you're in physical pain. You feel you've tried every remedy, but nothing seems to last, and now you're curious about a holistic approach. 


We are born pure love.

How does life become heavy?  Where does the stagnation and stress come from?

Most of us grew up in families that obtained a long history of numbing, of not talking about our feelings and being cut-off from our roots.

We grow up with "should's", "shouldn'ts", "right" and "wrong". We learn to feel shame, fear and confusion about who we are and left unable to teach ourselves how to feel into our to listen to the subtle calls for help...and how to heal ourselves physically and spiritually.

And we shut down.

Unable to remember. 

Unable to connect.


I hear you. I feel you. I see you.

So, how do we begin the process of becoming un-stuck, easing panic, grief, depression, discomfort and numbing?

We REmember. And we REconnect.

My name is Rachel Kristyniak-Jensen. I hold space for people to heal using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, somatic therapy and reiki

I'm glad you're here.


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My story

My name is Rachel Jensen. I've spent many years devoted to finding myself and I'm here to hold space for you to do the same. It started out as a treacherous, anxious, depressed and physically uncomfortable journey. I know what it feels like to be feel so much pain you don't think you can take any be so desperate your only way of surviving is to put on a mask and heavy armor and shut the world out. 

As I struggled to tend to my grief and trauma, the universe sent help in many different forms: Therapists, books, chiropractors, life-events, yoga, meditation, nutrition, acupuncture, somatic therapy, reiki.

Acupuncture holds a special place in my heart as it was my introduction into this world of self-healing. It was the first time I ever felt heard. It was the first time a human looked at my whole body and not just my parts. This was the start of tending to my trauma. 

Since then, I have found several other therapies to help me along the way, which I incorporate in my practice, including somatic healing, breath work and reiki.

Today, I'm living a life of more awareness and gratitude than ever before. As I continue down my path of REmembering and REconnecting, I find it natural to guide others through a similar process. 

It IS a process.

And it takes time.

Guiding others fills me with joy and challenges me to keep growing and digging and opening up. 

I look forward to meeting you, holding space for you and working with you on your healing journey.

About Rachel

I live in St.Paul MN with my husband Chris and adorable Shih Tzu Stewie. I love reading Brene Brown books (click here for a list of my favorite books), sipping on tea, taking baths, hiking, yoga, Instagram stories, Halloween, crafting and being vulnerable.

I graduated with my masters in Chinese Medicine and herbs from Northwestern Health Sciences and am certified in Level 1 Reiki. I found holistic healing in an effort to understand and tend to my own trauma. I now have a passion for helping others on their own health and wellness journey.


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