Life on Earth is beautiful. AND it can be a lot.

Maybe you feel stuck. You're frustrated with life. You feel there's more but you're not sure where to dig to connect with your roots.

Maybe you get a knot in your stomach every morning you wake; Panic during every-day conversations with friends; Perhaps you're carrying with you a numbness you can't explain-a deep grief that courses through you, draining your energy and leaving you feeling hopeless.


How does life become "a lot"?

How does life become heavy?  Where does the stagnation and stress come from?

Most of us grew up in families that obtained a long history of numbing, of not talking about our feelings and being cut-off from our roots.

We are culturalized with "should's", "shouldn'ts", "rights" and "wrongs". We learn to feel shame, fear and confusion about who we are. We're left unable to teach ourselves how to feel into our to listen to the subtle calls for help...and how to heal ourselves physically and spiritually.

And we shut down. Unable to remember.  Unable to connect.


I hear you. I feel you. I see you.

So, how do we begin the process of becoming un-stuck, easing panic, grief, depression, discomfort and numbing?

We REmember. And we REconnect.

My name is Rachel Jensen (more about me, here). I'm a nationally board-certified, licensed Acupuncturist (LAc, MOm, Dipl Ac), certified in Reiki and have experience with tending to the ties between the physical & spiritual world. My practice focuses on holistic healing specializing in anxiety, depression, stress & pain. And I'm glad you're here.


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